Youth Resiliency Institute (YRI)



Through a creative arts-based Rites of Passage cultural process, The Youth Resiliency Institute (YRI) offers training and an array of services to children, youth and adults with the aim of creating civically engaged cross-generational teams of community-based advocates who work to form a healthier and stronger Baltimore City.


The Youth Resiliency Institute views the transition of youth to adulthood not as a time of risk but as a time of profound promise. The exemplary ways in which African-American children and youth create meaningful identities in relation to larger political forces carry rich activist ingredients and draw from the African American community’s existing strengths and restorative capacity. One of the goals of YRI is to elevate the understanding and value of African-American youth resiliency and cultural consciousness as a foundation for youth activism, community regeneration and grassroots public policy development through a rites of passage performing arts process.


The Youth Resiliency Institute is featured in “The Journey: The Story of the National Rites of Passage Institute,” a documentary funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which chronicles the role of Rites of Passage in urban communities. The film can be viewed at the National Rites of Passage Institute website:




Phone: 443.934.1972

Mailing Address: Baltimore City Youth Resiliency Institute | P.O. Box 592, Baltimore, MD 21203

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