The Marching Elite Music and Arts Foundation


About Us!
We are The Marching Elite Music and Arts Foundation, a community based program located in Baltimore, MD. We have been in existence since 2004 and since then have helped many of Maryland students stay in school until graduation and even go to college on scholarships; we keep even more off the streets and out of jail.

How do we do this?

1. We first accept any and all students 3 times a year during our registration period. There is a one-time fee of $20 which covers the cost of a T-shirt and hat.
2. For the first month students are allowed to try different activities until they find one that fits for them…say Maria thought she wanted to dance, but actually fell in love with the flute after also trying color guard.
3. They then practice several times a week up to 6 days a week at our location inside the Oliver Community Center in Baltimore City.

Our History

Our three founders started a small music group out of Baltimore City College high school. The purpose was to aid students in the local community who were currently in school music programs. As the program grew, more students came to the program from schools without any active arts program, thus adding dancers, majorettes and color guard. In 2005, the founders decided to name the group The Marching Elite Foundation and incorporated through the State of Maryland in 2006. Unfortunately, in 2009 one of our founders passed away unexpectedly, and a ripple of bad events proceeded. Our bus and instruments were stolen and we lost our building in the process. Through it all we still managed to still provide quality instruction. In 2011 the group took a hiatus and reestablished in 2012 with one of the original founders and his fiancée. Today we have some used instruments from previous years and even a location inside of a community center.

There are countless murders and death of children and adolescents, increase in juvenile detention centers, increase in teen pregnancy among minority youth in Maryland, and the cycle of poverty threaten the life and success of our youth. However, The Marching Elite Foundation is a program that is a safe haven. We instill in our youth positive self-esteem, discipline, strength, encouragement, and life skills that will make them productive citizens. With your support and donations you can keep our program operating.

Contact Us:
Phone or Text: 410-635-4831
Facebook: Elite Found.
Twitter: @eliteband
Instagram: Elite_arts_academy


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