Sharing Science

Sharing Science LogoIs your student tired of measuring the length of a plant fed by water, orange juice and soda or seeing how much water 3 different brands of diapers can absorb as a science fair project?
How cool would it be to actually measure the amount of light coming from light sticks incubated at different temperatures?
How about measuring the density of different sugar solutions?
Tough to do if you don’t have the equipment.
     Sharing Science is a not-for-profit resource providing access to science tools to parents, teachers and students in support of science education.  Sharing Science was established in 2013 by Sue Kinsey, a career laboratory research associate.  Having helped her son prepare for the science fair for 2 years in a row, it became clear that most of the materials needed in support of the experiment were not available to borrow from the schools.  So this led the the costly decision to purchase the materials, which were not likely to be used be used again.
Sharing Science was established in recognition of this disconnect.  By creating a science tool library, equipment could be borrowed for a 2 week period with clear instructions for use. All equipment would be child friendly with potential hazards clearly explained.  And best of all, families are not limited by cost of expensive equipment allowing the student to expand their exploratory imagination.  Ideally, Sharing Science intends to decrease the stress of science education, allowing for an increase the fun of discovery.
Please see our website for more information

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