Second Chance For Women

Second Chance For Women is a program of Fusion Partnerships, founded in 2008 by Mary Joel Davis (Founder of Alternative Directions, Inc., a group committed to helping offenders re-enter the community after incarceration). Second Chance Focuses on offering pro-bono legal and social justice assistance to women with long-term and life sentences.

Goals include:

  • seeking judges to determine the need for sentence reduction
  • case re-examination
  • parole assessment
  • exploring sentencing options such as commutation or Governor’s pardon
Photo by Jennifer Bishop for The Urbanite Magazine

In most cases women are making an earnest plea for help and forgiveness regarding a crime committed long ago, for which they feel sorrow and regret, and have served due penance.

Since it’s start in 2008, Second Chance has worked in MCIW with the support of both former Warden Brenda Shell and current Warden Parrish Carroll.  Through her work with Second Chance, Mary Joel Davis has rallied volunteer attorneys from the Public Defender’s office, volunteer social workers, mediators, and private attorneys to provide assistance to women with long-term and life sentences.  However, more volunteers are still needed, as well as funding to support administrative costs.  If you’re interested in Volunteering of providing pro-bono legal assistance please contact Second Chance For Women via one of the methods listed below.  Please also consider supporting the re-examination of deserving cases through the Fusion Partnerships DONATE PAGE.


Click here to make a secure online donation to Second Chance For Women!




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