Reentry Employment and Economic Empowerment Program (R.E.E.E.P.)


   The goal of the Reentry Employment and Economic Empowerment Program (R.E.E.E.P.) is to improve Black male employment outcomes and educational achievement via direct intervention with formerly incarcerated males post-release to achieve a reduction of recidivism rates and the associated recidivist behaviors. REEEP will offer employment preparation, vocational assessments, guided career exploration, peer-to-peer counseling, liaison to information, motivation, and basic life literacy skills, post-release.
     REEEP serves the mothers and/or female guardians of African-American male children who are at risk youth not yet impacted by incarceration. Our work is designed to positively impact generations and help youth avoid incarceration while leading productive, disciplined lives as educated and contributing members of society.

OSI Audacious Ideas; Audacious Ideas Profile: Harold Bailey

Baltimore Sun; “Open Society Institute of Baltimore grants help serve underprivileged: Nonprofit funds individuals’ social justice projects”

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