Project Evergreen – Maryland

Project Evergreen will facilitate a completely new conversation on both sides of the exam table where informed and involved patients, working with their physicians, can and will improve outcomes and reduce costs in a system that responds to evidence and rewards excellence. Project Evergreen seeks to create genuine change in the structure and methodsof Health Care delivery, the cost of and access to Health Insurance and the standard practices used in determining what should be covered and under what circumstances. Using a cooperative membership model and professional health coaches, Project Evergreen will serve as the facilitator of new models for funding and delivering health care where the members share in the savings brought about by increased efficiencies and reduced costs. In addition, Project Evergreen will use a social enterprise model where the benefits of operational efficiencies will be reinvested in additional program features. Project Evergreen desires to test this concept by developing prototype clinics. As the model is tested and refined, Project Evergreen will work to develop a network of clinics throughout the state of Maryland. As the clinic network grows, Project Evergreen expects to form a legal entity that will take an increasingly direct role in the provider networks, financing and operational issues, with the ultimate aim of developing a selfsustaining ecosystem where the payor, the patient and the provider work in harmony as partners in improving outcomes and reducing costs.


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