PRAISE College Readiness Program (PCRP)

Vincent boarded a plane for Africa today. He is the epitome of what a PRAISE Scholar should be: a young man built with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and relentless desire for new experiences. Vincent has an unwavering drive to succeed. This stellar scholar-athlete has earned a 3.8 cumulative GPA, and is accomplished both on the football field and basketball court.

Through his participation at PRAISE, Vincent was able to travel abroad, which afforded him the opportunity to partake in multiple community service projects. Currently, he is being pursued by Fayetteville State University and Morehouse College, both whom have offered him full scholarships.

Vincent, like many other PRAISE Scholars, will be the first generation in his family to attend college. Through PRAISE, he will be provided continued support throughout the entire matriculation process. Our commitment to providing uncommon experiences for our scholars helps to differentiate PRAISE from other programs because we position scholars like Vincent to properly compete with their more affluent counterparts.

PRAISE views all members of its constituency as full stakeholders in our mission and vision. Our program is geared toward the scholar and his family, and we seek to have parental/caregiver support in place to successfully cultivate this partnership. In PRAISE, parental/caregiver participation is not a request, but rather a requirement for any parent/caregiver seeking to enroll their child. As a result, we established the PRAISE Parent Academy, which provides psychosocial and educational advancement initiatives for parents and caregivers.

Support extends beyond the doors of PRAISE, creating a viable, sustainable network of individuals, and services to assist with successful college acceptance and degree completion.

The PRAISE College Readiness Program is a program of the Cambio Group, in collaboration with The Johns Hopkins School of Education, which helps African-American and Latino Males in Baltimore City to properly compete against their affluent counterparts, deeming them eligible to attend four-year colleges and universities. This program offers a structured environment, along with providing scholars individual college counseling, tutoring, workshops, college tours, special events, and summer enrichment programs. The goal is to change each scholar’s current academic trajectory, which can be in place due to their socio-economic status, as well as their ethnic and racial make-up. At PRAISE, scholars will receive the necessary tools to equip them for a brighter future.

PRAISE participants will develop a College Ready Plan, which will carry over throughout their Secondary School experience. The plan will track academic course load, grades, preparation for college entry exams (ACT/SAT), extracurricular activities. At PRAISE, we want to ensure all scholars are college bound and deemed college ready. We will work with scholars to align their academic trajectories relative to their academic institutions of interest.

Here’s how you can get involved: we are seeking to raise funds in order to continue preparing scholars like Vincent a life beyond Secondary School. With a donation, which can serve as a tax write-off, you will help more scholars reach their fullest potential.





Phone: 1-855-CAMBIO-4


One thought on “PRAISE College Readiness Program (PCRP)

  1. All this must be a sign from God as to what I need to be doing. Great work…we need to somehow end this cycle that our young black brother are caught up in. Praise is the answer…..Praise….Praise

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