Offender to Returning Citizen-Transition Program (OTRC-TP)

The OTRC-TP provides mental health transitional support in the prison/jails in Maryland. Then, continuing services in the community when Maryland offenders are released. Research shows that 2/3 of individuals who are released from prison/jail will return in 3 years (George, 2013). In 2012, Maryland accounted for a 51.4% recidivism rate (George, 2013). In the past, supports and services in the prison/jail have assisted with decreasing recidivism. The OTRC-TP (Offender To Returning Citizen- Transition Program) works to decrease recidivism by addressing the individual mental health transition needs of the offender population in the prison/jail and the community. OTRC-TP strives to increase community retention upon release.

OTRC-TP .description..pptx - Google Slides (1)


Tashayla Williams, LGPC, NCC


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