Occupy Baltimore

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Occupy Baltimore is a group of people committed to restoring our human rights. We fight against the corporations, banks, legislation, and greed of the 1% that have created the huge economic divide that exists and seeks to crush us.

We are here to support the 99% — anyone who wants to stand up and say “no” to the physical, emotional, and financial violence being perpetrated against us is welcome to join us. Everyone is invited to visit us and see what we are about. Your input is important. Your ideas are important. YOU are important.

We work to right wrongs on the local and national levels. Visit our workgroup website to see what is happening. Check out our Facebook and OccupyBaltimore Library.  Look at our calendar http://occupybmore.org/events to see what actions are coming up. Visit us and you just might feel that you have come home.

Ain’t no power like the power of people cuz the power of people don’t stop.


Website: http://occupybmore.org/

 Media Contact E-mail: occupybaltimoremedia@gmail.com

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