Million Dollar Man

Our Vision:
• Men regain confidence in themselves and their innate ability to succeed
• Decrease recidivism rates by becoming productive citizens and contributors to the economic development of the
• Take ownership of and assume personal responsibility for positions within their families and the community

What we do: Provide clothing assistance and self-sustainability programming for men from the re-entry and recovery

      Million Dollar Man Inc, the vision of Carla Armstrong and Kenya Lee was birthed while sitting in the car, on a day when they felt the need to do something special for men. The love of consignment stores, a passion shared by both women was their first thought. Kenya’s children join them in the car and out of the mouth of babes, the name Million Dollar Man came to life. These two women felt the unction to do something special for men and into the earth came the gift, Million Dollar Man.  Million Dollar Man launched in Baltimore that day in November 2008. Within days, as Carla shared the vision with her son and brother in Pittsburgh, she knew it would be just a matter of time before the first affiliate would be opened in Pittsburgh.  Carla and Kenya clearly see this as a global organization. They know the world is full of men who are awaiting their appointed time to come forth. The concept of “Mentally & Physically Clothing the Whole Man” is realized when men receive personal and professional services to help them develop themselves and are given permission to take back the control over their own lives.

Click here to make a secure online donation to MDM!
Click here to make a secure online donation to Million Dollar Man!




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