Kidz City Collective

Kidz City Baltimore is an all-volunteer anarcha-feminist collective dedicated to increasing access and support for parents, children, and care-givers in social justice organizing and at events. We partner with others to organize creative space, care, and programming for children. We see childcare as a form of activism and one part of creating a just world.

We believe childcare is vitally important, and often overlooked and undervalued. We wish to support parents’ and children’s access to, and participation in, social justice movements. We wish to creat a network for discussion, taking the time to address root causes, and nurture change through creating alternatives. We support the struggle for basic needs as part of supporting social transformation. We are committed to being accountable for our actions, to lead through example, and provided actively nonjudgmental support. We respect parents and their children as the best authority on their own lives. By increasing community support for parents and children, we home to do our part to support happy, healthy intergenerational social justice movements.



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