JQ Baltimore



Baltimore will be a welcoming and inclusive model Jewish Community for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning) individuals, families and allies. In accomplishing this mission, Baltimore area LGBTQ Jewish individuals and their families will have rich and meaningful opportunities to fully participate in Jewish living and learning.

To carry out this vision, we:


Guide LGBTQ Jewish individuals, families and allies to resources that offer answers to questions, affirmation and empowerment

Create a Jewish LGBTQ community with safe spaces for positive social and spiritual interactions for individuals and their families


Enrich the Jewish identities of LGBTQ individuals so they can become active voices in the local community

Inform the Jewish community about LGBTQ interests and embrace the abundant diversity in the Jewish community


Advance human and civil rights for LGBTQ individuals and their families in the Jewish and regional community

Provide information and support to clergy and other Jewish professional and lay leaders so that they may engage in work around inclusion of LGBTQ Jews in their communities



Website:  http://www.jqbaltimore.org/

E-mail:  jqbaltimore@gmail.com

Phone: 443-300-8996