Ingoma Foundation

The mission of the Ingoma Foundation is to conceptualize, develop and model sustainable solutions to poverty that develop sustainable communities.

Ingoma is currently launching the Ingoma/Gutierrez Craftsman Apprenticeship in partnership with Gutierrez Studios, a Baltimore-based manufacturer of high-end architectural fixtures and contemporary furnishings. This project is the first of many innovative partnerships that provide training, employment, business development, and cooperative business ownership opportunities for individuals from economically disenfranchised communities. Through these innovative partnerships, we foster sustainable communities through incubating locally-owned and operated enterprises and providing economic development support. We are concentrating our efforts in the Oldtown community in East Baltimore to create leveraged impact for individuals and families, and to lift the community as a whole. This will model creative community economic development through concentrated small business development, thus stimulating economically sustainable communities.

To find out more about our first project, the Ingoma/Gutierrez Craftsman Apprenticeship visit us at The Bench That Gives


Send your tax deductible contribution to support the work of the Ingoma Foundation, a project of Fusion Partnerships, Inc. who is responsible for developing this venture, and other social solutions through creative enterprise.

Contribute Now On Line to Support the Ingoma/Gutierrez Craftsman Apprenticeship


The Link Below Will Designate Your Donation To the Ingoma Foundation


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