I am a Big Girl Now (IBGN)


“I am a Big Girl Now”(IBGN) program offers essential life skills, resources and support needed for girls to be productive in society. We target at-risk girls ages of 8-14, who are ready to explore who they are, and discover their community at large. We create an environment for success in education, community, and in life. The teachers and mentors encourage students to develop a positive self-image and self-worth, to develop a healthy physical lifestyle, to build good relationships within family and school, and to encourage faith and moral responsibility.


We engage in peer-group talk sessions and life planning sessions. We invite speakers, who are positive role models in the community to speak to the girls about specific workshop topics. The speakers also integrate their personal life experiences. We will also be taking field trips to enhance and promote what is being taught in the classroom. The weekly workshops are integrated into the public school curriculum. They are fun, interactive and hands-on.

Some of workshop topics discussed are:

  • Healthy hygiene
  • Proper etiquette
  • Good eating habits
  • Stress relief, including an in-class aerobic exercise session by Personal Trainer
  • Defining and developing short term and long term goals
  • Financial Fitness: building savings and budgeting
  • Planning for College: College options and requirements
  • Career and employment preparation: Interview techniques, resume writing

IBGN has successfully mentored over 20 at-risk girls, ages 10-14. Working in partnership with Beechfield Elementary School, this year we have expanded the program to mentor over 30 girls, grades 6th-8th. The girls have applied the principals and concepts taught by the teachers, to their daily lives. We are poised to have an even greater impact in the coming school years, as we expand to other schools.

Darlene Jackson
c/o Life Changing Ministries
620 S. Beechfield Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21229


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