Hit and Stay (film)

Hit and Stay, A collaborative project between Fusion Partnerships and Haircot Vert Films, explores a forgotten history and legacy of activism that sprang up in Baltimore in the late ’60s. These activists organized and spurred on other actions across the country and gained national and world attention. The Film shows how different segments of the antiwar movement (Weather Underground Organization, Black Panthers, Catholic Workers) were connected in complex ways. Hit and Stay is intended start a conversation about the wars we wage and what the cost is to the communities that fight them.  Traditional histories tend toward an oversimplified view of peace activists and the movement. This film shows that the movement was a mix of young and old, working class and upper-middle class,secular and religious, radical and not-so radical peoples. Hit and Stay addresses the need to uncover the recent past. It tells of a history that does not appear in most American history books—even ones that deal with the antiwar movement.

For on-line donations to the film click the “Donate” link below!

Hit and Stay Trailer:


E-mail: hitandstay@gmail.com

Website: http://www.hitandstay.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Hit-and-Stay/118975144815795?ref=ts


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