Goaldiggers The Sankofa Project

Our Mission:

The mission of Goaldiggers the Sankofa Project; is to connect underserved teen girls of African descent to education and gain college access; by introducing them to the study of their ancestry and ethnic identity reinforcing a positive self-concept.  Anthropological methodology, genealogical research and DNA testing will uncover and assure their ethnic identity.  To culminate the two-year experience, participants will travel to Ghana, West Africa for a cultural immersion voyage.


Our Goal:

The goal; is for each girl to become a college educated young woman with a positive self-concept and an assured ethnic identity; poised to serve her family, peers and community.

What makes Goaldiggers The Sankofa Project Work?

*A multidisciplinary program advisory team: Sociologist, Social Worker, Artist In Residence, Community  Organizers.

*Group and Individual Mentoring

*Cultivation of College Readiness Skills: Introduction to research methodologies, critical thinking, writing and presentation.

* Guest lecture series

*Off-site trips

*Innovative weekly sessions

*Group Think and Cohesion

*Creating a Sisterhood of like-minded, responsible, goal centered, young women.





Website:  http://www.meshelle.net/?page_id=171

E-mail:  meshelle@goaldiggers.us


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