Friends of the Homeless Baltimore and Beyond

Friends of the Homeless Baltimore and Beyond is a pioneering program:

Friends of the Homeless Baltimore is:

~ A humanitarian ministry ~ Our mission is to empower people to find the outer resources that they need and to cultivate the inner resourcefulness and skills that can help them to create a new life, through educational curriculums that we offer to shelters.

~ Educational resources ~ our signature program involves creating educational curriculums for the homeless that are available to participating shelters. These are being created by Dianne Fanti, M.S., who’s taught the homeless in multiple shelter settings for years, with a holistic approach that addresses mind, body and spirit, and without imposing beliefs on anyone. The aim is to help each person find the unique way that they fit into the world and how they can contribute. The curriculum promotes skills for healthy self-expression, knowing one’s type and talents, and cultivating skills for living successfully. They are drawn from 20 years of study in the healing and expressive arts and holistic health sciences.

~ We are a collaborative of individuals who are sharing our unique gifts and talents, and are contributing in ways that are personally meaningful to us. Some people donate their talents ~ like the woman who knits up to 40 scarves each winter for us to give to the homeless on the streets of Baltimore, to people who donate books that they’ve written, to musicians who want to play for the residents at local shelters, to people who teach community classes like yoga and would like to share them with the homeless, we can connect you within our program and with our allies and nearby shelters.

~ We initiate the sharing of resources ~ we’ve established a street card initiative, where many people are giving away free resource cards to the homeless on the streets of Baltimore and now even in other states! We’ve established a street ministry, where we give away fresh bread from local food stores, along with street cards and “You Matter” stickers, to encourage the homeless to value themselves enough to reach out for help and support. And we’re helping to debunk myths about the homeless and homelessness.  We’ve been establishing giving initiatives for the distribution and redistribution of material goods from food, clothing, blankets, toiletries, and other items.

~ Your donations are fully tax-deductible ~ you can make your checks payable to our fiscal sponsor, “Fusion Partnerships,” with “Friends of the Homeless” marked in the memo line. Please consider subscribing to our newsletter, “Something Beautiful Is Happening,” to stay informed about everything good that is happening with and through us.

Click here to make a secure online donation to FOTH!
Click here to make a secure online donation to FOTH!

For more information, please visit our website:


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