Fiopa Consensus Collective

     Fiopa Consensus Collective works to help intentional communities, activist groups, and nonprofits succeed in their goals through values-based consensus decision-making and other social technologies.

We offer workshops, consulting and support to groups that function cooperatively and  horizontally. We care about the work that many alternative groups are doing and we want to see  them succeed. We want to offer cooperative skills that people can add to their ongoing “toolboxes” to deal with problems and disagreements that will arise. These skills help members find consensus, make decisions that reflect the values of the group, and  build community.

According to Diana Leaf Christian, 90% of forming communities fold in a short period of time. We believe that’s true of activist groups as well. We agree with her that the failure tends to be that groups lack skills in decisionmaking and conflict resolution, even when they have winning elements in place like land, great vision and financial backing. We want to turn that tide, and not just for groups with funds to pay consultants.

What change are we trying to make? That change is being worked on by groups that are out there. We are structure, not content. Groups bring their own agendas. We love their great ideas. The change we bring is that they’ll understand with a new lens how to be in the world they are trying to create.

   Now that the Occupy Wall Street movement has emerged, Fiopa is volunteering with Occupy Baltimore and other local groups, teaching consensus,
facilitation and agenda planning. We want to expand Fiopa Collective to a team of trainers and support people able to travel to local Occupys and conduct trainings, workshops, metafacilitation, etc.

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