Finding Our Wings

The Finding Our Wings Community Documentary Program’s video skills based educational model focuses on the holistic needs of a small group of teens striving for an effective education in communities faced with a high percentage of high school drop-out.

Mentors work with the Wings girls on various efforts including sharing video and editing skills and keeping contact during the week in order to help the teens work through obstacles that might prevent them from attending Wings. The Wings girls feel that their constant exposure to MICA college students demonstrates that they too can attend college.

The intimate size of the group allows for highly individualized attention and personal heart-felt sharing. As the ten Wings girls create and share videos in response to their lives and education, they emerge as role models in their communities.

In collaboration with the Wings Girls and their developing leadership skills, our program is expanding to reach a wider audience through the sharing of the Wings model with other colleges, universities and non-profits in Baltimore. This also includes video screenings and discussions lead by the Wings Girls in the Baltimore City Public School System.





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