East Baltimore Historical Library

History:  In 1992, the Mayor and City Council approved plans to create a new mixed-use, mixed-income community in East Baltimore, requiring the acquisition of 2,000 properties and relocation of approximately 750 families.  As the neighborhood braced for these major changes, a community activist pioneered the East Baltimore Historical Library  (EBHL) concept – a place to preserve, interpret and convey the rich history of East Baltimore.

The EGHL will be part of the new Henderson-Hopkins School Campus at Ashland and Patterson Park.  Plans place the EBHL in three renovated row houses on Ashland, linked to the rear and side with the school, family support center, gymnasium and theater.

Mission: The EBHL is a vibrant community space that preserves and shares the rich history of a community that continues to rise and yield strong families and prominent individuals who have impacted the City, State and Nation.

The East Baltimore Historical Library:

1.  Collects memories and makes them accessible to current and future generations.

2.  Collaborates with local libraries, youth, community and arts organizations; creative artists, historians and educators to archive and continually reconstruct the history and culture of the community.

3.  Facilitates education by helping young people explore how information, art, social movement and political issues flow throughout and within their neighborhoods and the world.


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