EVOKU Actualized Global Leadership Experience (EAGLE)


To enable our young people to manifest their community developing hopes and dreams through conscientious, creative and decisive action.

EAGLE launched as a youth leadership development organization serving Baltimore in August of 2010 in response to a group of La Tasha Vanzie’s entrepreneurship students request for her more in depth mentorship. Using an optimal youth leadership development approach EAGLE convened a cohort of 10 young people in rigorous, engaging, curricula-driven and experiential monthly leadership training seminars, community service projects, fundraising, networking experiences, one-on-one career mentoring by top level professionals, and foreign travel to Costa Rica.

In our second year, we are headed to Belize and along this journey we growing our organization to include a cohort of 20 EAGLE Scholars and providing additional service learning opportunities to a community of over 60 young people. The EAGLE Scholars worked diligently to identify, plan and organize community service projects to service Baltimore City youth in their first year. The result: this past December 2011 the Scholars delivered their first EAGLE Career Expo and Job Fair to Baltimore City youth. The event was such a big success that we have received requests to provide these expos/job fair on at least a quarterly basis. We are ready to meet this continued call to action.

Throughout this journey as an EAGLE Scholar our young people are learning how to optimize their professional, academic, community and social networks through hands on fundraising/entrepreneurial experiences, community project planning, ongoing service learning, and other creative learning experiences. Coupled with the guiding force of our career mentors and a building EAGLE Growth Path Plan Career Portfolio, our scholars and all the young people we serve are being well-equipped to not only pursue a successful professional lifestyle, but, also to sustain it for a lifetime.

We prepare our young people to become highly adaptive global citizens through our development program. Therefore, we ensure each scholar secures a passport and raises the funds to finance their annual domestic and foreign travel with our organization. The purpose of our annual foreign and domestic travel experiences is to give our young people and opportunity to test their adaptability to unfamiliar environments, broaden their exposure to new experiences, increase their global mobility, expand their network of opportunity around the world and most importantly introduce them to a lifestyle that encourages a highly motivated professional decorum.

As the founder and executive director of EAGLE, La Tasha Vanzie has been awarded a 2011 Open Society Institute-Baltimore Fellowship to develop and expand this program in Baltimore. Additionally, we are partnered with the largest Latino based youth organization in the city (Education Based Latino Outreach) and the largest homeless youth organization in the city (AIRS/City Steps).


Phone: 240-460-1250

Website: http://www.evoku.org

E-mail:  lvanzie@gmail.com


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