The Baltimore City Youth Resiliency Institute (BCYRI)

The Baltimore City Youth Resiliency Institute draws on strengths and wisdom of indigenous cultures as a strategy for the positive development of young children, youth and the communities in which they live.  BCYRI immediately meets youth where they are, not where we’d like them to be.  By aknowledging who they are—Their fears, scars, and dreams—we co-create a work plan to assist them in becoming what they aspire to be.  Recognizing that children and youth from at-risk environments while connecting them with resources and supports through and intergenerational community-centric performing  and creative arts-based Rites of Passage process.

The cultivation of youth from at-rist environments is dependent upon the capacity of youth and adults to act upon their environments in ways that promote their resiliency while exposing them to the neeeds of the larger community.  Through this process, BCYRI exposes community memebers to local, state, and federal policies that affect them while prociding the skill sets nescessary to dissect electoral politics and the machinery of government.  This process affords the power to construct liberatory meaning to at-risk environments while holding those in power accountable!


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