Baltimore College Peace Network

The Baltimore College Peace Network is a network of faculty and students from colleges and universities in the Greater Baltimore area.

The Baltimore College Peace Network organizes faculty and students in three areas:

1) Peace Studies: Creating new peace studies courses as well as expansion of peace studies on area campuses.
2) Service-Learning: Develop new opportunities for Service-Learning programs that directly connect and benefit people in communities who are working locally on peace and justice issues. As part of a regional service-learning conference, we organized a workshop on building the network. Students asked us to provide them with skills in community organizing and nonviolence.
3) Reflective action: Work with students to develop clubs on campus that focus on peace, justice and sustainability, learning strategies that lead to reflective action. We will build peace and justice clubs on each campus. Each club will educate and organize on their campus as well as work with other clubs on regional and national issues.

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Phone: 443.847.8989




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