3Cs Youth Initiative

The Choose, Change And Control Youth Initiative, also known as the 3Cs, is a new Baltimore-City based youth-led organization. We are committed to giving voice, responsibility and power to Baltimore City African-American youth too often targeted for lack of positive investment and incarceration. Our mission is to mobilize youth so that they can affect the outcome of their own lives and communities. Youth choose to build skills, change problems by being advocates and role models, and control their own destinies by identifying personal and community needs, and then building positive programs and campaigns.


True to our mission, the 3Cs regularly volunteers to support the youth programming at the Academy Of Success (AOS) providing peer mentoring, rap sessions, and recreational programming. Program development is led by Tyrone Barnwell, the 3s Director, who has been providing skills, personal development and empowerment to Baltimore City youth as a program director and community organizer. This included 7 years at AOS, developing programs for children and youth, supervising staff, recruiting volunteers, managing budgets, and raising funds.


Now, the 3Cs is launching a program for high school-aged youth whose needs require an age appropriate focus with more engaging and rigorous skills development. We are merging with the Youth Know How Initiative and will be offering the YKH Conflict Resolution and YKH Skills Build Trainings. The 3Cs Youth Program program will take place at the AOS Community Empowerment Center (200 South Franklintown Road) and the AOS Youth Development Center (525 Hurley Avenue).


We are reaching out to youth throughout the City and especially Southwest Baltimore where there is a lack of constructive youth opportunities. Youth will benefit by programming that takes place within walking distance or easy bus access to where they live. Stipends, snacks and meals (summer program) are provided to help overcome obstacles to participation and serve as incentives for retention. Programming includes rap sessions, homework assistance, peer-to-peer mentoring, recreation / sporting activities, and field trips. Structured trainings are provided for both youth and families by trained facilitators featuring dynamic curriculums including: Everyday Democracy: Racial Equity and Youth Issues; Youth Know How Skills Building and Conflict Resolution Trainings; the AOS Youth Leadership Development and Youth Workforce Development; AOS Strengthening Families Program; Catholic Charities’ Strong Parents, Strong Children; and the Savannah Family Institute’s Parenting With Love And Limits.


As our first campaign the 3Cs is committed to ending the notorious Youth Jail at the Baltimore City Detention Center that is at the center of a scandalous federal corruption prosecution.The 3Cs is winning support from lawmakers at both the City and State levels to end this magnet for mass racist incarceration. The State commissioned the prestigious National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD) to study the need for a Youth Jail. NCCD produced a data-driven report that identifies five specific scenarios, and none requires any capital or construction costs for a new or renovated jail. If implemented, these scenarios would be a fraction of the costs for construction and operations of any size jail. The State would spend far less and get far more in faster case processing, more positive youth development programs, and greater outcomes for youth. However, Governor O’Malley is intentionally ignoring the State’s own report and fixated on pushing for more incarceration for more generations of African-American youth. The 3Cs will be pushing to end the concrete plans for the despicable Youth Jail and bring concrete solutions for youth investment to Baltimore City.



Email: 3csyouthinitiative@gmail.com

Website: (under construction)

Phone: 443-415-5338

Mailing Address: c/o Fusion Partnerships

1601 Guilford Ave, 2 South
Baltimore, MD 21202



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